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Awarded November 6, 1997

Awarded on September 28,1997

MacShare made Wave of the Day on September 27, 1997

[Cool Central Site of the Hour] Recieved Cool Central Site of the Hour at 2 a.m. on 9/27/97!!!
September's MacShare is honored to be an Elite Apple

MacWorld's October issue, 1997 listed MacShare as a "Best Mac Web Site" and stated the following:

"Shareware Galore

Imagine a cyberspace flea market, and you've got Todd Frazier's amazing Mac-centric shareware page (, a treasure chest forgames, graphics, Internet and productivity tools, system enhancements,utilities, and tips. Check out this site before you go shopping for a new software application; more often than not you'll find that a $15 shareware program is all you need."

MacOS Site of the Week This website was honored with a
VCN MacOS Site of the Week
on Feb 16th, 1997.

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Club Web Platinum 100 This website was honored with a
Club Web Platinum 100 Award
on Feb 12th, 1996.


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