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Apple eNews

March 25, 1999

Volume 2, Issue 7

In This Issue

1. Mac OS X Server: UNIX Muscle & Macintosh Ease 2. Tomb Raider Gold Is Yours--Free

3. Don't Blink

4. A Server Perfect for the Creative Studio 5. Your Next Versace Original

6. Attend a Free LiveStage Seminar

7. Apple in Education

8. Quick Takes

1. Mac OS X Server: UNIX Muscle & Macintosh Ease ------------------------------------------------

We're open to new ideas.

Take Mac OS X Server, for example. Apple's first modern server operating system, Mac OS X Server combines the best of two worlds, offering customers the strength of UNIX and the simplicity of Macintosh. Designed expressly for Apple's design and publishing, Internet development, and education customers, it offers a reliable, high-performance server OS at an affordable price.

Wait, there's more: With the release of Mac OS X Server, Apple becomes the first major computer company to release source code for its operating system to the public. It's part of a program we call Darwin and forms the basis of our support for the Open Source movement. Learn more about Darwin at:

2. Tomb Raider Gold Is Yours--Free

That's right. We'll send you a free copy of Tomb Raider II or Tomb Raider Gold, the newest Lara Croft adventure for the Macintosh.

Just for purchasing Mac OS 8.5.

Our Mac OS 8.5 promotion began on March 5 and runs until April 30, 1999.* For more details, visit:

* Please note: This promotion is not available to education customers, who enjoy special education pricing for Mac OS 8.5.

3. Don't Blink

Not if you want to watch Adobe Photoshop or QuarkXPress perform their magic on one of our new Power Macintosh G3 computers. You may just miss the action if you do. They're that fast.

In fact, according to the recently published Pfeiffer Report, the new Power Macintosh G3 computers perform up to 290% faster than a Power Macintosh 9600/350 while both run the same routine operations in Adobe Photoshop 5.0. And the new systems run up to 329% faster while performing the same operations in QuarkXPress 4.0. Get all the speedy details at:

4. A Server Perfect for the Creative Studio -------------------------------------------

Ready to serve the needs of your design studio today, Mac OS X Server is ideal for the hectic creative shop looking for an easy way to manage and deliver digital content across the office or around the world. At an amazingly affordable price, Mac OS X Server has the ability to speed the delivery of digital media, prepress files, and web pages--all simultaneously. Find out how at:

5. Your Next Versace Original

Could be on a Macintosh right now. After all, the fashion industry has learned that Macintosh can save time, increase productivity, and improve profitability. "From textiles to garments, footwear and even furnishing fabrics, the Mac is being used for creative work that used to be strictly manual," explain Moreno Soppelsa and Tony Stanley in their Macworld Italia article, which recently appeared on the pages of

6. Attend a Free LiveStage Seminar

Apple's Totally Hip Interactivity Tour has hit the road to show you what you can do with LiveStage, an award-winning multimedia authoring tool from Totally Hip Software. LiveStage takes advantage of the powerful features built into QuickTime, allowing you to build compelling interactive web sites that everyone can enjoy.

To find out when the Interactivity Tour comes to your part of the U.S. or Canada, come visit us at:

To see what you could do with LiveStage, play a couple of the interactive games we created at:

7. Apple in Education

Apple has a special program that lets qualified faculty and staff at K-12 and higher education institutions purchase Apple equipment at discounted prices. We call it the Apple Educator Advantage Program. And we'd like to tell you more about it:

. . .

Can you capture video, create multimedia projects and connect to a TV monitor from your classroom computer? You could do all three--and more--if you had a 300-MHz Power Macintosh G3 video editing and publishing system:

8. Quick Takes

What software is available for Mac OS X Server? According to MacWEEK's Wendy J. Mattson, a growing number of developers are announcing their support with an impressive list of new applications:

. . .

Help is available. If you're looking for a consultant, trainer, or value-added reseller who can devise a customized solution for your business needs, consider one of the many fine Apple Solution Experts in the U.S. and Canada who specialize in Mac solutions. You can read more about them at:

. . .

Have you heard about the Energy Star program? If not, visit this entertaining QuickTime-rich site created by Ricoh Image Communication. You might even win a New Beetle from Volkswagen:

. . .

Which solution is right for you? With Mac OS X Server and AppleShare IP, Apple offers two powerful solutions for managing your Internet and workgroup services. To help you understand which solution will best meet your needs, we're offering a new, free seminar series in select locations throughout the U.S. and Canada:

. . .

Denizens of Austria and Switzerland can now walk down the virtual aisles of their very own online Apple Store:

. . .

Looking for an external USB modem for your new Power Macintosh G3 computer? Then you'll want to read about the new Global Village TelePort USB 56K Fax/Modem:

. . .

We'll publish Apple eNews next on Thursday, April 8, 1999.

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